Mouth and throat cancer effects 48,000 Americans yearly. Read on to learn more about this problem. This cancer is 2 times more common in men, young and adult, greatly increasing over age 40.

You may already know that smoking tobacco can cause this type cancer but also alcohol can. Increased risk (2x) of oral cancer is seen in individuals who daily have 3-4 alcoholic drinks compared to non- drinkers. Recent blog explains more regarding HPV and oral cancer.

Recognizing a cancer lesion is not always easy so please get an oral exam twice a year – when you get your teeth cleaned!

Below are a few signs and symptoms you should be on the lookout for:

– mouth pain

– any ‘sore’ or ulceration that doesn’t heal and continues to bleed

– lump in your cheek or under jaw

– trouble swallowing, chewing or moving tongue

– persistent sore throat or feeling something is stuck in your throat

Any such problem lasting over 2 weeks requires medical expertise.

? Your actions of not smoking and moderate alcohol intake can help you avoid this cancer.