One imagines the matching process for a donor/recipient heart or any organ for that matter involves many complicated sequential steps. Yes blood type and compatibility histocompatible (literally “tissue matching”) is routinely done.3D_vol_ren_of_LAD

Recent light has been shed on need to consider more than size (body mass) of the donor versus the recipient which is only other parameter considered.

Information from studies has now revealed that sex mismatch between the donor and recipient can be associated with poorer outcomes, particularly if a male receives a donor heart from a female. About 70% of organs are matched to same sex. Interestingly if a female receives a male heart there is no decrease in survival odds.

Scientific Deduction: Use a formula that consider height, weight, age, and sex may better predict ‘matching’ donor hearts to transplant recipients than just considering their body mass’ alone.

FYI: Ethnicity, gender, religion, and financial status are not at this posting part of the computer matching system.