Literally, weekly I read of self-testing and monitoring for health care conditions, all in an attempt to reduce cost and I hope to empower us to be more responsible for our health.

If you are on certain ‘blood thinners’, you are required to periodically monitor the of ‘thinness’ of your blood with a test called an ‘INR’. This summer RocheĀ is expected to launch such a self-monitoring systemCoaguChekĀ®

Briefly, training first, if you are over 22 (not sure why) and are stable on medication for over 6 weeks, you may use this small device to finger prick wait 60 seconds, read results via Bluetooth on a Smartphone App or tablet and transmit to your doctor. The intense study has found the unit to be accurate and cost-effective while improving patient care. It is wonderful not to schedule, go to office or lab wait for results, await doctors instructions – you obviate all this.