States are passing laws to allow children at school to self apply sunscreen, you may wonder what? The FDA considers sunscreen a medication and not to be allowed to be ‘self medicated’ while attending school. If a child needs his/her inhaler they need to go to the school nurse to get it. New laws would permit children to use sunscreen without ‘special permission in the office’, from a parent or doctor, while at school. After all an application of sunscreen lasts only a few hours.


Labeling Update – FDA has banned the use of codeine and tramadol (Ultram®) for children under age 12, citing resulting breathing issues. These are narcotic-opioid type medications that are known to depress even totally suppress breathing.


Teen web addicts are increasing and with all the classic addiction signs: overindulgence, obsessive behavior, isolation, depression, and in suing insomnia. Yes if they are sneaking alcohol or abusing drugs the same symptomatology will be seen. The Internet is an easy venue to vices and after all there is no real foolproof way to control how it is used. So please a word of caution watch out for -be vigilant, there is a reason there are rehab camps in South Korea for children to detox from the Internet.