calculate winningsMy recent blog addressed having your ‘lipids’ tested. This is more important then ever since as frequently happens in medicine a change on the view of cholesterol levels has occurred.

Enter the ‘CVD risk assessment tool’ – a calculator that you plug in a bit of personal info along with your total and  ‘HDL’  cholesterol value  and viola your odds of a heart attack come up!

 If you have had a ‘lipid’ profile (blood test) recently, dig out your results (always get a copy of your lab results) and plug them into this new ‘tool’ – a few details like your normal blood pressure, are you a smoker, on blood pressure medication are also needed – out  comes your  odds (predictor) of suffering a heart attack in next 10 years.

NOTE: “CVD risk calculator’ is for those of us over 20 who do NOT already have a heart issue or Diabetes. Try