No, DocHandal is not a poet, but a dear friend and colleague I met on my first day in med school is. I. M. Real, MD (pen name) writes about what it feels like having been a heart rehab patient. Check out her poem below. I hope it has some worth in your life. Thank you Dr. Real for allowing us to blog your words.


Rehab isn’t easy when your heart is broken

It needs encouragement to pump with vigor

Daily exercises to remind it of its job description.

Internal organs each have responsibilities

No excuses—-just pedal  ‘til  you’re pooped

Going nowhere on a stationary machine.


Treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical

Onward toward a target pulse!


Nowhere is actually somewhere:

Oreos worth of calories burned,

Walks without pain and puffing,

Hills easily conquered

Energy restored with each successive ride.

Reassuring to know that a heart restored

Enjoys a second chance