Yogurt is recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as part of fat-free and low-fat dairy intake,

A new study has found that men who consumed at least two weekly servings of yogurt had lower rates of polyps compared with those who consumed no yogurt. Some intestinal tract polyps can become cancer over time.

Men’s risk reduction for conventional polyps was 19%, and 26% for polyps with higher malignant potential. However, in women, NO association was found – puzzling

This study considered and ruled out associated independent of calcium and non-yogurt dairy intake; The cancer reduction was stronger for colon polyps than rectal polyps, at 18% versus 5%.

Interestingly, no significant changes in gut microbial community composition (normal flora of our digestive tract) and diversity was found during yogurt consumption.


My Bottom Line

Yogurt, especially fat-free or low fat, is a healthy food and good for you.