pills-1190217_1920Half of the 3.2 billion prescriptions dispensed annually are not taken as prescribed. Human beings are different from other animals due to his ability to ‘rationalize’. So why is this statistic not surprising?

Here goes:

-‘I’m better, I’ll save the remainder for the next time I have the same thing’.

-‘Feeling better,’ do not need ‘overkill’

-Want to save for others when they get same thing or ‘catch what I got’


If you stop mid treatment, many negative effects can occur including development of resistance to that medication commonly antibiotic. Incomplete treatment can cause a change in symptoms and signs that then can make further diagnosing your condition difficult. also medication can expire that is potency lost when beyond ‘USE BEFORE’ date.

I hope that your medical provider is prescribing only medication you absolutely need. Do not ‘demand’ antibiotics for viral infections. Good medical care can have occurred even if you leave a doctor’s office without a prescription. Often the unsure provider is the one who writes too many prescriptions.



BTW – always read how to store your medications and check use before date.