A Fond Farewell

Doc Handal has always felt it her mission to share her medical wisdom and knowledge through media.  This June she will be retiring, relinquishing her medical licensure, and will no longer be taking to public media to empower you to seek the best possible medical care. Hopefully my posts have helped you to be your own advocate for your health and well-being and that of others. May you continue to seek accurate, credible, science-based medical advice.

Doc’s ER Survival Guide – Updated

DocHandal_ERSurvivalGuide_CreateSpace_Cover_2You need to read this! Know your rights, the process and the lingo and much more from an insider DocHandal. Yes at times the ER is a chaotic medical setting all the more for you to know about the goings-on.

Doctors and nurses are making decisions in a fast-paced, stressful environment. Mistakes can and do happen. So the more people know about what to expect the less likely one of those mistakes will happen to them. Reading this book is like having Doc Handal at your side when you need her the most. Have a quick listen to a trailer on this book





Dr. OZ’s Sharcare & DocHandal

6-10Quiz-3On-line health help by  ‘picking brains’ of medical experts  exists on many health information websites.  No surprise that the healthcare site DocHandal chose to act as expert contributor is non other than Dr. Oz’s Sharecare. Dr. Oz  takes his wining ways to creation of ‘Sharecare‘.

This site is described  as “.. is a health and wellness social media platform that connects people with top-ranking experts ranging from doctors and specialists to hospitals, healthcare companies and health-conscious consumers. The power behind the site’s unique Q & A format is its collective wisdom, providing health-seeking consumers with answers reflecting multiple expert perspectives—greatly simplifying the search for quality information.”

Many experts contribute including DocHandal!  Have a look at the website and check out DocHandal!

The New ‘Big’ Medicine

An article you must read-no it is not about ‘Obamacare’ nor the politics of health insurance but about the revolution starting in the delivery of YOUR medical care. Covered or ‘bare’ (no health insurance) this will effect us all. The New Yorker’s recent article (August 13, 2012) titled as above- “Big Med” clues you in on the similarities of managing a national restaurant chain and delivering health care in a cost control & innovative manner. Coming to a hospital near you is better health care? Decide for yourself!

Doc’s Books Now Available in India

DocHandal’s books join over one million books priced in rupees available for purchase by Indian customers on Amazon.com. The world is getting very small!

Kindle – the world’s #1 bestselling e-reader for five years running  is now  able to be  purchased at Croma retail stores across India.


  March 2012   Reader’s Favorite Review          Awards  5  STARS to “Doc’s First Aid Guide”

“Simple, straight, and to-the-point, “Doc’s First Aid Guide” by Kathleen A. Handal, MD, is an easy-to-use reference book that you could keep handy in your glove compartment, a kitchen drawer, or your office desk drawer. She emphasizes that the steps taken during the first few minutes of a medical emergency situation are critical and suggests that people read this book BEFORE they need it. I think she is right. I am such a geek, I even read my car owner’s manual from cover to cover before driving the car.

The formatting is logical and makes it very easy to instantly find the information you need for the type of emergency situation that you are experiencing. After the initial general information section, Dr. Handal provides the ABC’s of CPR, which everyone should learn how to administer, and then goes into the First Aid situations. I am so glad that you presented the information in alphabetical order as it makes it much easier to locate just what you need. The First Aid section covered topics from Allergic Reaction to Burns to Choking to Heat Exposure to Unconsciousness with dozens of topics in between.

Last but not least, she includes emergency first-aid techniques, a first aid kit checklist, and an emergency information info sheet. There are good diagrams included throughout the guide that show the reader how to perform the first aid being described. I appreciate how she included both the “What To Do” boxes as well as the “Do Not” icons to help guide the reader in an emergency.”


NOW In Print Version

How to survive the ER, medical tips for before you go, when there and when you leave. Have a look DocHandal’s latest podcast on her iTune channel ListenUp! and then go to Amazon’s CreateSpace to purchase the print version.

DocHandal wrote down everything you might find useful from her decades of caring for patients. She did consider the title ‘Getting Out Alive’, it would have been more sensational.

Let DocHandal share medical sense so you’ll be ‘impowered’ to get the best possible emergency care.

Doc’s ER Guide continues to be available at the various venues listed including: DocHandal’s eStore, iBooks, SmashwordsAmazon and  Barnes & Noble. Free downloads available for review.


Word Is Out!

Dochandal, LLC has been busy with the media, press releases and visibility. Have a look-

Doc’s ER Guide – How to Survive the ER

You can also tell friends that Doc’s ER Guide, was just published in print form -available through Amazon. Also as multi-format e-books, my books are available through Barnes & Nobles, iBooks, Smashwords and Amazon (direct links to my book pages).You’ll be able to download the first 20% of the books for free.

As many of you know I, DocHandal, write from my many years of experience as an ER Doc. I believe First Aid should be medical common sense & everyone needs to be their own advocate when in the ER. I hope you will take the time to check Doc’s ER Guide & Doc’s First Aid Guide.
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