New CPR-Need To Know

The medical powers that be- researchers and medical practitioners the world over got together and CHANGED how CPR is done-that is ‘A-B-C’ (Airway -Breathing- Circulation) is NOW ‘C-A-B’. Want to know what this means for you? Have a listen to DocHandal’s latest on You Tube

OUT-French Version of “Doc’s First Aid Guide”

Doc’s Guides are available not only in English and Spanish but now also in French  « Doc’s Guide des Premiers Secours » for our neighbors to the north and across the waters. Available through our eStore and Amazon for your Kindle. Also after downloading a free APP this Amazon purchase can be viewed on your Mac computer, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android. Only $7.99 and hyperlinked for your quick use.

YOU TUBE & DocHandal

Have a look at a short book promo for ‘Doc’s First Aid Guide‘, ‘Guia De Simple de Primeros Auxilios‘ & ‘Doc’s Guide des Premiers Secours‘ on You Tube- check it out! No matter your e-reader device-Doc’s books are available to you.

You Must Check Out

‘Take health care into your own hands’ that is the byline for the NEW US governments website

What a great resource for anyone –young adults, seniors, individuals with disabilities, small  business, employers, individuals  with children.

Lots of  worthwhile information on your screen for the choosing:

-Specific information for your State- allows you to explore  care options.


-‘Understanding the new law’

-‘Update Notes’ + ‘Newsroom’

There are also:

-Bulletins, Brochures, Letters, Grants

-Videos & Chats

Visit  this site -definitely not a waste of your time, you must have and need this information!


More GREAT Press!

Doc’s First Aid Guide gets more recognition! The  National Association of Medical Communicators (NAMC)-May Book Club reviewed &  posted a thoughtful and favorable opinion by Sari Fine Sheppird, Ph.D. (author of ‘101 Questions & Answers about Anorexia Nervosa‘).  Have a read  and tell DocHandal what you think.Remember your comments are always welcome. If you like,  you can sample 20% of the book by going to ‘Smashwords‘. Use discount coupon (previous blog) to purchase your own copy.



Up For Saving a Life? Learn CPR!

April 26th, 2010, log onto and take the website tutorial. If you used the site last year, the tutorial will show you some new and improved features.

How will you celebrate National CPR Week this year? The week, June 1-7, 2010, is only TWO short months away, so start planning your training activities now. We’re again working together toward a goal of training ONE MILLION people in CPR in celebration of CPR Week.



DocHandal & the iPad

If you have not heard about the iPad -you have been living under a rock! Apple has come out with yet another ‘game changer’ -but you all know that!  But did you know that you can now download Doc’s Guides from the iBookstore?  Yes, “Doc’s First Aid Guide” both the Spanish and English versions-are available to read on your iPad. SOON the French version as well!  Stay tuned for the release of “Doc’s ER Guide” in eformat coming out next month-keep your fingers crossed.

Listen Up! New Podcast Episode

Podcast Episode

New Podcast!

“Blood Testing & You”

More useful advice from DocHandal, this time on having your blood tested. The increasing obesity and incidence of diabetes should want you to learn more about blood sugar monitoring and testing.  Doc Handal shares insider tips on this test and blood analysis. Listen for what the proper techniques are and why it is important for you to be prepared. Listen up, her suggestions will give you insights that can make a difference.

Podcast- Listen Up

Podcast: Doc Handal Speaks! Listen UpDocHandal Speaks!  New -audio Podcasts available through iTunes store starting today. Doc Handal chats on a wide-range of questions she knows you wished you had asked.  Her answers are straightforward, easy to understand. It’s like having the doctor at your side when you need her the most. Check out Tips for Dealing with Doctors. Let us know what you think.