What If… you could stop a blister from developing on your foot, whether from high heels, boots, or sneakers?

Researchers published findings in the online journal, Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, that low-cost paper tape could reduce debilitating and painful blisters. An EM Doc – Grant Lipman, MD – worked extensively with endurance athletes running up to 50 miles a day throughout the world. Pain from foot blisters was the often repeated complaint. In a new study, Lipman and colleagues successfully used inexpensive paper tape to prevent blister formation.

What to Do:  Prior to exercise, place a strip of paper tape on areas prone to blisters. Parents, periodically check your children’s feet. Do not wait for them to be in obvious pain; include bare feet inspection when checking their little bodies.

No regrets when it comes to foot blisters – a simple, inexpensive, preventive, and easy measure – a roll of paper tape.

BTW: when tape is needed to cover a problem on the face – paper tape is great!



1" Paper Tape Roll

1″ Paper Tape Roll