What You Need to Know About ERs

While I hope you never have to step foot in an ER, I’ve written ‘Doc’s ER Guide’ and given suggestions to follow that can  better prepare you. Well, as prepared as you’ll ever be for a medical emergency. Any type of illness or injury is stressful, whether you’re the patient, family member or friend. Hopefully, your knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes will help make the time you spend in the ER less traumatic. ‘Doc’s ER Guide’ is in final review, and there is still time to be sure DocHandal  has  covered all your concerns, questions about a ‘visit’ to a hospital ER. I welcome your input.

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“Doc’s First Aid Guide”

Doc's First Aid GuideAfter spending 30 years in emergency medicine, Kathleen A. Handal, MD believes that a good dose of medical common sense is what’s needed to keep people healthy and safe. “Too often, the people who lack basic knowledge of how their bodies work come to the emergency department when they are in crisis with problems that should have been addressed sooner. As medical educators we can change this by providing correct medical information, starting at a young age,” says Handal.

Featured in the February 2010 issue of the National Association of Medical Communicators, “Member in the Spotlight”