It is well known that the ‘pot’ (‘skunk’ to some) your grandmother enjoyed was much less potent than today’s strains.

Risky-Cannabis and your Heart

Along with interacting with prescribed medications, cannabis can affect your heart. No matter if it is smoked, vaped, or eaten. Some presume eating cannabis is safe not so,  also with more and more vaping associated lung problems have arisen.

Like most drugs, cannabis is broken down in the liver, where so many medications such as blood thinners, and heart drugs also are.

While research including from the American Heart Association touts the positive effect of cannabis on pain, there is a dark side. A study out of Canada’s University of Toronto found an increased incidence of a heart attack in certain users. Pretty serious!

The Numbers

-Health data from over 33,000 adults

-Ages 18 to 44 included in US CDC Prevention surveys(2017-18). 

-Of the 17% of adults who reported using cannabis within the previous month, 

1.3% later had a heart attack while only 0.8% of non-cannabis users reported the same.

This study did not specifically research the exact mechanism for cannabiss’ affects the heart, however previous research had shown, this drug can affect the user’s heart rate. Irregular heartbeats effect oxygen consumption by the heart muscle, any mismatch can precipitate a cardiac event. ‘Adults under 45 years old who consumed cannabis within the last 30 days, suffered from nearly double the number of heart attacks than adults who didn’t use the drug’, according to research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

In any therapy,  a health care person must weigh the merit versus the risk of procedure or medication.