Too many of us are sedentary, 40 – 80% of the world population. A recent – Aug. 5th – Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that running even slowly (6 miles/hour rate) for 5-10 minutes 1- 2 times a week can significantly decrease risk of heart disease, death and an increase life expectancy. Some studies have shown minimal if any benefits from vigorous running activity.

This is a wonderful prospective – planned in advance 15-year study that everyone needs to know about. The slogans ‘just do something’ & ‘some is better than none’ sums up this study’s findings, as a 30% – 40% reduction in death. Researchers equate running’s life saving effect to taking cholesterol-lowering medications.

This study suggests that 15-minutes of brisk walking could be substitutes for 5 minutes running.

Like so many activities your personal health conditions can limit or should limit you so before running even a small amount check with your health professional.