Salt makes anything we eat last longer, taste better or more accurately different. Many use the word ‘salt’ interchangeably with ‘sodium’. Yes most sodium we eat is in the form of salt (sodium chloride) but realize some salts do not contain any ‘sodium’. We all know how important it is to read labels and expiration date as consumers, but do you add up all the salt or cholesterol you consume a day? High salt – sodium –  consumption is a culprit in many medical diseases. Listen Up to DocHandal’s podcast or RSS feed on this topic. IF Americans eat less than 1,200 mg of salt per day, we would save $20 billion a year in medical care costs. Impressive!

Th CDC points out that about 90% of Americans over age 2 eat too much sodium daily.

Some insights I feel you must tuck in the back of your brain.

– Most of the sodium we eat comes from processed foods and foods prepared in restaurants. Bread is also culprit!

– Sodium is already part of processed foods and cannot be removed. Raw meats (pork and chicken) are MH900409550 pumped with sodium.

– Different labels of same food have different sodium content.

Not every health initiative comes out of California the NYC Health Department is coordinating an unprecedented public-private partnership to help prevent heart disease and strokes by reducing the amount of salt in packaged and restaurant foods. Called the National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI ) companies (ex. Targets, Kraft, Campbell soup, Hain, Boar’s Head) restaurants (ex. Subway, Starbucks) have pledged.