And more info:

  • still no cure &  no vaccine – please do not take false security when stay-at-home rules are lifted. 
  • compassionate use of different medications has occurred. Research continues around the globe into existing pharmacological ex. Pepcid into the vein at over 9 times higher dose than one takes for heartburn. Another is Remdesivir, an antiviral drug, many more but no definitive study has changed medical care.
  • the virus attacks multiple organs in the body, stroke in 30-40-year-olds is emerging as caused by the virus as it forms clots in brain blood vessels 
  • after recovery, what lasting damage this virus leaves you with is still unknown.
  • it has been reported to stay in a person’s stool for weeks after your test turns from positive to negative
  • remember as you leave the home that the virus stays on many surfaces for days, up to 9 in some instances, also pollution -particulates suspends the virus in the air more than the typical 3 hours when it is coming from an infected person’s mouth.
  • Perhaps pollution is why deaths are above trend in cities like Milan (worst pollution in EU) NY and the UK.