Don't forget the umbilical cord

Don’t forget the umbilical cord

Why not save umbilical cord blood and tissue upon birth? Stem cells are invaluable; they are smart, powerful, and specific genetically for the child. Stored cord blood can later regenerate healthy blood and contribute to immune systems. Stored cord tissue can create structure and connective tissue in the body. It’s no secret the immense potential value this offers your child, should health care issues arise.

Areas of current use of blood stem cells include immune and metabolic disorders, cancers, and blood disorders. There are trials underway for use in autism and cerebral palsy treatment, hearing loss recovery, and stroke.

Areas of potential use of umbilical cord tissue stem cells include: skeletal injuries, eye disease, head trauma, skin wounds, burns, ulcers, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.

Learn about the Cord Blood Registry (CBR) that collects and preserves the best stem cells sampled. This organization is registered with the FDA, making it easy by advance education and payment options. You bring a kit with you to the birthing room and call for pickup after delivery. Storage can be paid every year or in advance (18 years costs about $2300) – a great gift idea for grandparents.  There are others including :Viacord.

I strongly encourage you to save this valuable element of birth if not for your offspring then DONATE the tissue. Programs exist nationwide like the one here in Arizona (Dignity Health), so that life saving tissue is not discarded.

PLEASE Promote this with any pregnant person you know.