Smoke even second-hand exposure is a bigger risk for heart disease than High Cholesterol is!

Who would have thought? The risk of clogged arteries is greater from secondhand smoke than from several heart disease risk factors, including high cholesterol*.

The overall prevalence of coronary artery plaque in those exposed to secondhand smoke was 24%, which rose to 26% in those with the highest exposure compared with 19% for the general public .

This first study to demonstrate ‘a dose-response relationship’ between exposure to secondhand smoke and the earliest detectable signs of heart disease in non smokers.

 So you should be upset when someMH900290958 one smokes in your air space!

*Hecht HS, et al “Secondhand tobacco smoke in never smokers is a significant risk factor for coronary artery calcification” J Am Coll Cardiol Cardiovas Img 2013.