As if our poor air quality is not enough for our bodies to handle, we also need to worry about standing far away from any smoker.MH900290958

Realize that second-hand smoke toxins come directly from the burning of tobacco products, which release thousands of toxic chemicals include ammonia, butane carbon monoxide, chromium (used to make steel), cyanide, formaldehyde, lead and polonium (yes a radioactive substance).

So these toxins enter our lungs and causing many health problems: lung disease (esp. asthma in very young), heart disease and cancer. Unborn children are especially at high risk. Do not forget that chronic lung problems, cough, infections will result in asthma and trouble breathing.

Want to breathe cleaner air, take steps including speaking out!

                         Do not be around anyone smoking, prohibit smoking in your vehicle, workplace.

                         Do frequent businesses that have a NO SMOKING policy

You might say it’s hard if your partner or loved one smokes but helping them stop smoking benefits both of you. If you love them it’s worth the effort!