The yearly numbers of injected young adults with STDs are staggering!


27% of the sexually active population is 15-24 yet they have over 50% of 20 million annually diagnosed STDs.

24,000 undiagnosed women become infertile yearly

70% of the 820,000 Gonorrhea cases

63% of Chlamydia

45% Genital Herpes

49% HPV – (next generation will have been vaccinated)

26 % HIV

20% Syphilis


Why at are young adults at risk:

– often STDs do not have symptoms recognized by youth

– young adults especially women are anatomically more susceptible to infection.

– failure of medical providers to screen young adults

– confidentiality issues

– lack of insurance and transportation to get medical attention

– multiple partners


Talk about, ask your healthcare practitioner if you could have a STD. Testing is painless.