Recent study showed clearly (Obesity Jan. 2018) that sitting around redistributes, adds fat inside and around your organs – not a good thing. This fat does not ‘cushion’ our internal organs but puts them at greater risk for heart and diabetes.

These British researchers measured “invisible,” inner fat— versus total ‘tummy’ (abdominal) fat. Monitoring for 1 week, 124 people (balanced for race age and ethnicity) they concluded  “the more time people spent sitting down during the day, the more visceral and total abdominal fat they had, as well as having more fat around their liver.”

As a result ‘inactivity’ has been added to ‘overweight’ as a risk factor for developing Diabetes. It was already well documented that a sedentary – sitting too much – life style was a risk factor for heart disease.

BTW the Public Health in UK recommends 150 weekly minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity, please get up and exercise! There is no minimum age for starting to exercise!