The longer you sit the more you put your health at risk. In adults older than 45, who sit for more than 12.5 hours  day (without more than 10 minutes walking) put all around health matters at tremendous risk. In a studied population (just shy of 8000 B/W) over 4 year study. Not just watching TV,  lying around, sleeping combined with sitting greater than 12.5 hours in 24 has negative effects. Even if  exercise is done for 30 minutes/day, body metabolism such as glucose (sugar) control was negatively impacted and risk for all causes death increases by 50%.  An increase risk of 25% for heart problems results from sitting more than 12.5 hours a day  so much. The study did not include people with high blood pressure and smokers.

Learn correct way to sit, do some fidgeting while sitting  and use wearables to help remind you and improve your chances for a longer healthier life.


Advise: Stand when talking on phone, at lunch.