Another version of the French Paradox has been published. This is not about wine drinkers, but about sleepwalkers. These folks were found to have an increased risk (4x) for headaches and migraines when awake, and throughout sleepwalking episodes they are not likely to feel pain even if hurt.*

Know anyone who sleepwalks? If so, be aware that they can be hurt and not realize it until they are awake. So don’t be quick to judge their integrity if they are unable to recall the injury. There are many reports of people on Ambien® (Zolpidem), a commonly prescribed sleeping pill, getting up during the night, acting totally awake by speaking/eating, yet having no recall the next day. Popular Netflix show Grace & Frankie – episode 13 – illustrated this phenomenon.

*(Journal of Sleep Medicine, Nov. issue – principal investigator Dr. Regis Lopez, psychiatrist and sleep medicine specialist at Hospital Gui–de–Chauliac in Montpellier, France)