A few blogs ago we spoke of medical sensors, they are popping up quicker than anyone thought. Latest, out of U of Berkley published in Nature a wearable Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 11.44.24 AMsensor that continuously analyses sweat. Yes on a wristband or sweatband, drops can be measuring/monitoring multiple biochemicals:

-breakdown chemical from glucose and lactate,

– the electrolytes sodium and potassium,

– as well as skin temperature.

Temperature is very important to calibrate to reach the actual biochemical values. And voila numbers are immediately & wirelessly sent to a Smartphone. “E.T phone home”

et_phone_home_by_brandtk-d65asj0You are thinking great only for those exercising and athletes. Any medical data gathering means has broad applications, think easily finding out about the elderly in nursing homes! Dehydration, extreme low or high temperature can be remotely monitored and used to avert serious medical conditions – think the pain and health care costs that could be avoided.

Are there application for the millions of Diabetics? Maybe soon they can throw away the needle pricking & measuring device!