MH900438746The Cleveland Clinic has being piloting a mobile ambulance unit that scoops up patients who might be having a stroke and intensively cares for them enroute. I mean INTENSELY, a CT of head is done and blood test are preformed to determine if blood thinners can be used to bust the clot to the brain. All the while wheels are rolling! We live in an age of connectivity so remotely: a radiologist is interpreting the CT scan and a vascular neurologist is hearing all, especially blood analysis results. Time to making a treatment decision that could very possibly reverse a stroke is decreased by 25 minutes. ‘Time lost is Brain lost‘ is an often-quoted medical proverb.


DID YOU KNOWSecondhand smoke increases stroke risk in nonsmokers by 30%. *

*American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 07/13/2015