CDC Report

More than two-thirds of Americans are considered overweight or obese. What directly results is an increase in heart (cardiovascular) disease, diabetes, and cancer. Per the CDC data, more than 2/3 of Americans are considered overweight that being obese. The US spends the most per GDP on healthcare, approx. 3.6 trillion a year. Per capita, the highest worldwide spent than many countries with a longer life expectancy and better medical outcomes. So what’s up? What are we doing wrong?

A recent study, published in Nutrients, shows it’s our diet. Americans have a poor quality diet, which authors state is the primary cause of death in the United States. Fact is the majority of deaths per year are related to cardiovascular disease and other bad health conditions related to poor eating habits and obesity. 

Many have tried to solve problems with fad diets, they are everywhere, with complex rules and schedules which some find nearly impossible to adhere to. Bottom line many studies have shown that eating whole foods and placing them in the center of your diet will benefit nutritional intake. Actually having a whole fruit that has high vitamins is better than having a supplement of high nutrient content.  

Findings suggest eating a Whole Foods diet helps and promotes weight loss. It refers to acquiring nutrients through a diet with large amounts of non-starchy vegetables like carrots and string beans, fruits either frozen or fresh, whole-grain, and plant-based drinks (unsweet and soy or nut beverage, green tea decaf coffee, and tea).  Look to seeds rich, in omega-3, (chai and flaxseed) to acquire this important body nutrient.  Also recommended is to limit the amount of high-fat plant foods like nuts seeds coconut and avocado, dried fruit, and refined flours. Wheat, gluten foods like tofu, and soy protein are to be limited. Seriously noted is attention to moderate alcohol intake.

Absolute avoidance of refined flours added oils and solid fats, no sweets – you know that means candies, cookies, and pastries are recommended. Also absolutely, no artificially sweetened beverages, This diet ‘outlaws’ eating animal products such as poultry seafood eggs, and dairy.

This really is a new approach, incorporating some old well-known aspects. You all by now, know about the negative health impact of consuming processed foods, studies abound about the ultra-processed risk for heart disease. One study I am thinking of collected data from over 100,000 individuals, 18 and older, and tracked them for 5 1/half years. Findings that those consuming ultra-processed foods were at higher risk of cardiac disease, coronary artery, and also cerebral vascular all were statistically significant. Many other studies are available in the literature.

Please consider incorporating this regimen, especially a plant-based diet.