You must by now believe in the mind body connection? Below I point out recent study that sheds more precise light on this matter. Please refer to my post on ‘Why Stress Can Kill’ and then read on.

Why Stress Can Kill


Mast cells are the immune cells with a key task in inflammatory/allergic diseases. In comes an allergen (peanuts, pollen. whatever) and mast cells let off histamines, hence antihistamines for allergy treatment. There is also a releasing hormone on the surface of the mast cells – a protein known as corticotropin-releasing factor receptor subtype 1 (CRF1). Studies so far in mice show that those that have high levels of CRF-1 have excessive reaction to stress and can develop asthma and other diseases like lupus and IBD. If mast cells have low or no CRF-1 receptors on their surfaces, the mice experience less histamine release and less disease.

Here comes stress released CRF-1 circulating it targets specific immune cells that then release chemical substances that can trigger diseases, including asthmalupus, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Hope this is not to ‘medicalez’ , but I want to convey what a complicated interrelated system our bodies use.