The prevalence of cardiovascular disease (#1 killer) in the US gives pause to consider the possibility among other problems of a stroke.

Those with high blood pressure especially uncontrolled need to know the importance of timing to reverse this catastrophic event. Refresh your self with stroke signs and symptoms.

If a clot blocks a vessel in the brain time to dissolve or remove is critical. While there is an ideal treatment window of time, recent research has shown that mechanically removing a clot in stroke patients (endovascular therapy) within 6 hours or up to 24 of symptoms can have some reversal.

Details of the study reveal those who had endovascular removal of their clot in 6-16 hours after symptoms started did best. Their mental health, social capabilities, thinking, was preserved!

Be quick once you suspect a stroke in any person no matter their age, call 911 and person will be taken to a dedicated stroke center in your area. #ListenDocknows