Please assure me that you are smart enough to wear sunglasses outdoors? The skin around our eyes and eyelids is among the body’s most delicate and thinnest. Wrinkles are created by sun exposure among other causes. Harmful rays – Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun can damage not only the skin, but also the cornea, lens, and other areas of the eyeball.Sunglasses do protect against vision damage/loss and cancer. Think cataracts, ultraviolet light can pass through the eye to the lens and cause cataracts, most common cause.Wear sunglasses, decreases your risk over your lifetime of cataract formation.

So if not for fashion, please for eye safety. They can both make you stylish and keep you safe. Do not skimp, it is a health investment, get ‘large’ covering as much as comfortably possible of your eyes.  Look for lots of eye coverage, a big lens with label coverage or protection against UVA and UVB rays.

This goes for children also. It is suggested that children as early as possible wear sunglasses. If they will keep them on that is the start age.

Be creative with children make it natural for them to use throughout their lives.