Many including myself take daily supplements more specifically Vitamins & minerals. Remember ‘vitamins’ by definition are substances our bodies need but do not produce. This blog briefly touches on vitamin A & D and the minerals Calcium & Potassium.

Certain vitamins are water-soluble. – that is why you can’t OD on it. ┬áVit. C is an example, although you might get diarrhea. Other vitamins are fat-soluble thus too much can accumulate in the body and cause issues.

Excessive intake of vitamin D, or hypervitaminosis D, can result in weight loss, anorexia, polyuria, and arrhythmias. This derangement can also cause blood calcium levels to heighten, resulting in vascular and tissue calcification and heart, kidney, and blood vessel damage. Natural sources include sardines, salmon, mushrooms, eggs, and fortified milk for you to consider.

Too much Vitamin A results in headaches, nausea, and dizziness, but can also cause coma and death. High levels in pregnant women can lead to birth defects. Natural sources of vitamin A carrots raw or juiced, yams pumpkins, cantaloupe, mangos, turnips, and spinach to name a few.

Other supplements – minerals.

Calcium generally not toxic but can cause kidney stones and be harmful to those with kidney disease.

Potassium, a trace mineral (at times prescribed) in excess can heart irregularities.

As with all supplements it is best to not take a pill but a natural source.

A good source for calcium is skim milk, kale, non-fat yogurt, collard/mustard green,s salmon, sardines to name a few.

The best place to get potassium is from fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, spinach, bananas, and avocado.