Photo on 5-7-13 at 1.56 PMDid you know the U.S. government has a “Meaningful Use” program that allows a doctor to claim as a Medicare and Medicaid expense the cost of a tablet device. This is allowed as an indirect way to reduce the paper used for patient records. No surprise we see many physicians with iPads or Chrome Books, tablet computers, and smartphones. Yes they are more convenient and bleeding-edge than laptops, which are cumbersome compared to these devices.

A recent study reported that tablets are progressively prevalent among doctors noting, 80 percent of doctors own a portable device capable of downloading Apps, (only about 50 % of U.S. consumers have smartphones, 5 % own tablets). Your Doc might be in the 19% of physicians using their device in a clinical setting.

It’s not just young doctors who are using tablet technology; the use of these devices is practically same by Docs in practice for over 30 years.

There is always a new App to make it easier for doctors and patients.

┬áThere are medical apps that can: allow medical folks to read EKGs instantly instead of waiting for paper records, lets doctors scan stroke victims’ brains with their tablet device and so many more. Just think of all the drug, lab test and anatomy reference Apps!