Huffing, Sniffing & Dusting

Alcohol lowers inhibitions and gives teenager’s courage and confidence that they may not have otherwise, often getting teens into trouble that they may have avoided if they had been sober. When using any product that allow for vapor inhalation expect rapid uptake with serious side effects. Examples include alcohol through a  “Vaportini”, computer cleaning duster, nail polish remover and butane. Well known is cocaine, glue and gasoline is worldwide. Often termed ‘huffing’, ‘sniffing’ (or glue sniffing), ‘dusting’ must be watched for in teens. Remember teens weigh less and will have quicker and more serious health side effects.

Social effects, cause teens to use inhalants or alcohol on a regular basis in order to cope with stressful situations. Once suspected or recognized the coping and emotional skills needed to protect against using drug ‘abuse’ as an easy coping solution. It everyone’s job to help!