Parkinson’s Disease

Need to Know the Basics. Over a million Americans suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. The mean age is 55, it will start with a non intentional tremor in one of the extremities. They will develop a high degree of disability in 5-10 years even with expert care. The initial tremor indicates that 30% of dopamine stimulating neurons. Learn from DocHandal updates and true facts about this neurological disease.

Do You Take Other Folks Medications?

Podcast: Doc Handal Speaks! Listen UpSure quicker and faster to take a drug prescribed for someone one else. A friend already has it and it is usually free, convenient and so easy!  No searching for a doctor, waiting, paying a fee then a trip to the pharmacy more money out. So when you hear “Take this!” you do.

All to many of us are guilty of taking medications prescribed for someone else. After all it is a friend trying to help out when you are ill. Offering and giving you what they were prescribed for the same or similar problem does not consider your personal medical background (other conditions, allergies, interactions with other medication you may be taking).

Is “Take this’ an economic move or a deadly action? Listen Up!

Prostate Cancer Testing

Prostate Screening through PSA blood tests every 4 years seem to cut down on death from this cancer. Recent research shows overall there is no difference in # of deaths if it is not tested every annually. An important reality – complications from prostate cancer treatment are greater than deaths from it. The latest study with resulting new guidelines straight from DocHandal – easily stated worth the listen.

HPV Vaccine For Men

Yes! Not just for women! Just approved for men this vaccine covers prevention of the HPV sexually transmitted virus that can cause cancer & genital warts.  It covers 4 types of the HPV virus that in men can cause mouth and throat cancer. Learn specific details along with the exact latest vaccine recommendations by men’s ages by Listening Up to DocHandal’s podcast.

Colon Cancer

Podcast EpisodeDetected early, the 3rd most common cancer in the US, could decrease the numbers – 55,000 deaths a year! Learn the causes symptoms and what you can do to decrease your odds. Take a few minutes and Listen UP! to  this weeks podcast on DocHandal Speaks iTunes channel.