Call IN/OUT Sick?

No matter the  phrase  you use ‘call out sick’ or ‘call in sick’ can be a tough decision.

Sick days cost 25 billion in looses (17.5 b. in decrease productivity).

How do we approach this, initially we tend to think,

-How many sick days remain

-OR  I don’t get paid unless I  work

Not that the above is unnatural but more important is– how do you feel, consider:

-Will my symptoms allow me to do my job? Ex: repeated vomiting and diarrhea would make an job difficult.

-Do I have a fever?

Greater than 102 F (38.9 C degrees is an automatic stay home, and do not return to work till no fever for 24 hours (learn normal for you – most folks greater than 99.5F (37.5 C) is a fever). Higher than normal body temperature – ‘Fever’ is a body defense- working to ‘fight’ something raises your temperature. Low-grade fever that accompanies the common cold (running nose, slight cough) when treated (ex. aspirin, ibuprofen) may allow you to go to work.

If you go to work take sanitary precautions on computers/appliances so you do not spread your illness often one of the many cold virus.

Remember: If you have underlying medical conditions ex. Diabetes, Asthma, err on the side of staying home!

Please consider the above when making a decision and ALWAYS – if more guidance is needed – – call your medical provider.