Pre-school Diet Can Cause Heart Problems Later

Care very much what children eat in ages 3-5! A recent study followed over 1,000 pre-school children watching their diet and MH900426501behaviour around foods.  Testing of blood lipid levels were also done specifically looking at the ‘bad’ lipids (LDL cholesterol,  apolipoprotein B) as well as  the ‘good’ lipids ( HDL cholesterol and apolipoprotein A1).

“The eating behaviors subscale included whether children were allowed to decide how much they ate, whether they ate while watching television, the number of meals they ate per day, the presence of gagging or trouble swallowing while eating, and whether the child is not hungry at meal time because of frequent drinking,” according to the study.* Parents completed questionnaire to make determinations of behavior risks.

The study revealed at an early age an association between diet and behavior leads to high levels of ‘bad’ lipids. This can predisposing to later risk of cardiovascular disease.




*CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) June 17, 2013