Medications – As Directed?

Half of the 3.2 billon Rxs dispensed annually are not taken as prescribed.

       Are you surprised by this fact?

Man is different for other “animals” due to our ability to rationalize-defined as attempt to explain or justify (one’s own or another’s behavior or attitude) with logical, plausible reasons, even if these are not true or appropriate’.

So why is the above statistic not surprising? My take-here goes:

“I’ll save the remainder for next time I’ve the same thing.”

“Feel better so really do not need the ‘over kill.”

“I’ll save and use for others when the get the same thing or catch ‘what I got.”

FIND OUT! When handed a prescription (chemicals to put into your body for ‘good’) ask do I really need this? Ask under what circumstances, if any, can I stop before finishing all the pills? Some many viral infections resolve wither or not on antibiotics.




Doctor to the 1%

Along with so much else – – do the rich get better medical care?

The affluent hire specialists for almost everything, they do not have the time to research investments, tax issues NOR health care.  So why not hire someone to advise them on good medical care?

 This is so pervasive that an article about just this appeared in NYT (J. Rago, September 22-23, 2012).  Recognition that our health care system is far from perfect and that not all doctors and hospitals have excellent ‘report cards’ prompted a niche business. These folks are paid to research and seek out the top health care providers for you. They have created a referral database of  ‘2,200 specialists in ‘160 fields’ .

So in the debate of cost containment vs. quality can one have both in health care matters? Listen to my podcast in iTunes on how to choose a physician- Medical Care Control & Doctors’ Quality.

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The New ‘Big’ Medicine

An article you must read-no it is not about ‘Obamacare’ nor the politics of health insurance but about the revolution starting in the delivery of YOUR medical care. Covered or ‘bare’ (no health insurance) this will effect us all. The New Yorker’s recent article (August 13, 2012) titled as above- “Big Med” clues you in on the similarities of managing a national restaurant chain and delivering health care in a cost control & innovative manner. Coming to a hospital near you is better health care? Decide for yourself!