Older Driver Awareness Week-Dec 3 – 7

 Why Not? Realize that before 2020, 1 in 4 drivers will be over 65! 

You know age affects driving skills. Think about response times (reflexes), vision along with possibility of side effects from medication(s) taken for medical conditions. Remember certain medical conditions can affect ability to drive safely.

Many state motor vehicle agencies have tests for older drivers. You can also purchase a CD or take such a test free online.  This test measures 8 functional abilities that are linked to crash risk in older drivers. Check out seniordriving.AAA.com for free tests and information.

Do not just think about the driver’s ability –  the car has to be right – hence the birth of “CarFit” (car-fit.org) an education program to evaluate if the vehicle (seat height, restraints, access to pedals mirrors) is right for the senior driver.

This week, give some attention to the older driver in your life!