If you watch evening network programming you realize testosterone use is not totally safe! MH900399741Lawyers are now soliciting cases from those who have suffered cardiac events and death from the use of testosterone.

Medical literature says- start testosterone and within 3 months you increase your risk for a heart event. ¬†Specific studies have shown if you are young (<65) and have a history of heart related problems (clotting causing stroke, high blood pressure) taking testosterone increases substantially your risk for having a heart attack (MI). Also noted in studies that older men (>65) without heart problems will have a 2x increased risk of suffering a heart attack when taking testosterone. Yes the older man studied had testosterone’s benefits of increased muscular strength and mobility but at a cost – heart problems and increase in strokes.

POI: Exogenous (not made by the body) testosterone causes changes in our body: increase risk of clotting, increased blood pressure, polycythemia (increase red blood cells) and decrease in the ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol. When we take testosterone our estrogens level naturally increases, which can contribute to having cardiovascular-related events (it is known that estrogen therapy is associated with negative heart events in both men and women).