Migraine sufferers have a serious burden. A condition that is not easily recognized nor improved.

-40 million folks in the US are impacted by these headaches (HA).
-1 in 4 households is impacted by someone suffering from migraines.
– sufferers are twice as likely to use opioids
-over $6000 additional direct healthcare costs per year
-commonly suffers are 18-65 with the peak at ages 30-50
60% taking recommended treatment
60% are at the poor treatment

Those with migraines, women two to three times more than men, have a lower quality of life, are poorly functioning while those with severe cases having a disability. While everyone’s body is unique, certain triggers may explain that women with hormonal fluctuation suffer more.

They are classified as episodic or chronic dependent on frequency, characteristics, and accompanying symptoms. Episodic migraines are defined as at least 5 attacks/month lasting 4-72 hours (untreated or not successfully treated), having characteristics that can include: unilateral location, pulsatile quality, moderate to severe pain aggravated by activity. Also during an attack at least one of the following occurs, nausea vomiting, light and noise sensitivity (photophobia and photophobia).

Chronic migraines defined as HA on more than 15 days/month for 3 months as well as having occurred in someone who has had at least 5 attacks w/o aura or with aura.
New medication and techniques specifically neuromodulation, non-invasive devices have become available as an alternative therapy to medications. In general expensive, the FDA’s recent approval (Jan. 25, 2021) of one neuromodulation device that can link to a smartphone. Also as of Oct. 2020, an over-the-counter ‘Cefaly Dual neuromodulation‘ device in pharmacies, not inexpensive though

Therapy is aimed at prevention as well as treating breakthrough migraines.

While this condition can be frustrating till the correct treatment for you is arrived up – do not despair, new medications and devices are almost monthly for your healthcare provider to share.