Obesity is a major public health problem in the US, with roughly two-thirds of adults and one-third of children either overweight BMI (>25) or obese (BMI >30). Calculate your BMI!

Inactivity is a major culprit and many jobs have us sitting wither on a ball or ergonomic chair. Approx. 46% spends most of a workday sitting.

Studies have shown that walking at 1 mph burns over twice as many calories as sitting (191 calories versus 72 calories per hour, respectively).

To lose one pound you must burn or cut 3,500 calories.



A study was conceived to see if treadmill desks were to be widely used in the workplace, could there be an impact on weight loss and performance?



Working memory isn’t as efficient when using a treadmill workstation as when sitting or standing, furthermore memory was slightly negatively impacted when walking,



Form your own! Remember standing it better for health than sitting.