Next time you are in your doctor’s office do not be surprised if a small attaché is whipped out and an ultrasound (US) USportableperformed! Yes a pregnant person has an US test but this device makes possible high-resolution images of other internal body areas. Great for evaluating the musculoskeletal (MS) system – bones, joints, tendons and ligaments it is quick and painless.

FYI- this diagnostic tool delivers non ionizing radiation NOT the harmful radiation plain films and CT/CAT/PET scans deliver. You may have heard of their use for research on Mt. Everest, or the underwater environment during astronaut training.

Since it is easy to use via keystrokes and a hand help microphone and capable of wireless data transfer paramedical personnel can perform ad transmit for a Doc to interpret. This is now commonplace with radiologists ‘remotely reading/interpreting images taken across or out of a country by a ‘tech’.