Dark Chocolate Is Good For You

40 grams of >85%

40 grams of >85%

At times I believe if you want to find an association between 2 things you will find a medical study for that relationship! Maybe study results are not always a simple cause and effect relation but often there is some kernel of worthwhile and applicable merit. This blog follows my reading studies supporting eating dark (NOT milk) chocolate and improved artery blood flow. It was  a large one out of Melbourne in 2012 is especially meritorious. So are there other benefits from dark chocolate?

You may have already heard about a study from Rome published in Journal of the American Heart Association (even Fox news reported this). A small study (20 people, in late 60s) showed that dark chocolate consumption might improve peripheral artery disease (PAD). They did have a control group eating milk chocolate – no benefits for their PAD was found. Common signs/symptoms include leg pain with exercise, cold feet, and poor healing of skin, and discoloration at end of toes with progression up. Read more info on PAD visit the AHA.

Do not forget calories from consuming the chocolate! Walking is key for those with PAD to improve flow. Buy 40 grams of dark chocolate (>85% cocoa), my favorite is “Green & Black’s Organic“. A bar is 100 grams so just less than half of one. Talk w your Doc, find some dark chocolate and enjoy your walk!

Diet and Depression

elm_cvr-lgI would never have guessed in my ‘out there’ imagination that I would find worthwhile medical information reading a fashion magazine while waiting for my car to be serviced!
I had not read nor for that matter seen a copy of “ELLE” for a very long time, never mind the June 2014 issue! Arizona is not LA or NYC!
Here was the scoop Harvard School of Public Health followed 43,685 women for 12 years looking at depression as it relates to diet. At the onset no one had a diagnosis of; nor were taking anti-depressents.
The researchers evaluated a ‘pro-inflammatory diet’ versus one that was not.

Let me share with you the diets – before the findings – as you will probably be able to guess outcome:

  • ‘pro-inflammatory’ diet – soft drinks, red meat, margarine, refined grains
  • ‘non inflammatory’ diet – red wine, coffee, olive oil, green and also yellow veggies

OK you guessed:

  • 29 a 41% of those on ‘pro-inflammatory’ diet were more likely to be depressed then those on non inflammatory diet.

I did not feel the need to verify this blurb shared with ELLE readers, it is so intuitive. Gluten is a well-known pro- inflammatory agent to human body especially the brain. Know I feel very responsible when blogging so yes here is a good link for more details!

CPR & You

 Would you stop if someone collapsed near you?  Would you know what to do? Yes call or shout for help. What next?
Please use common sense, find out if person is responsive -breathing.

 A nationwide Japanese study just published (Circulation) showed bystanders starting “Hands Only CPR” allowed 40.7% of out of hospital cases to survive at least a month functioning on their own! Very impressive numbers.  A system was in place that started with bystanders performing “Hand – Only CPR” & public access to a defibrillator (paddles placed on chest –machine prompts you). These are in many public spaces through out the world

What I am getting at –   YOUR doing the recommended “Hands Only CPR” can save lives! It is straightforward –

Not breathing/responding

Find the middle of person’s chest (between nipple) & middle breastbone (sternum)

-Place flat of your hand over each other lean over lock elbows and push fast and hard (about 100/min.). It is said The Bee Gees disco song “Stayin’ Alive” is in sync with pace needed to make a difference. Please go online and spend 60 seconds watching this AHA video.

Valentine- Medical Common Sense

Love yourself-Doc’s put together a few tips for you, global in scope however all important for you to know. Those who listen to her podcasts will probable recall some of the details from which these ‘nuggets’ of knowledge are based. She  has put them under east to gleam headings.  Stay healthy!

Writers Unite To Fight Cancer

DocHandal will be one of the over 30 authors  at the Writers Unite to Fight Cancer Arizona Centennial Cancer Research Fundraiser to be  held Arizona Biltmore Hotel  Feb.2, 2012.

Each guest will receive a complimentary gift bag that will include the book Five to Thrive. There will several items available for silent auction, and music will be provided by Jocelyn Obermeyer, certified therapeutic harp practitioner from Hospice of the Valley.

Each author will donate $1.00 per book sold at this event toward the two Arizona-Based Cancer Research Programs designated as equal beneficiaries for this fundraiser.

1.) Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, collaboratively with Arizona State University under the direction of Robert Waters PhD.
2.) The University of Arizona Cancer Center natural product research program directed by Dr. Leslie Gunatilaka.

Please join us!





Electricity Can Start a Heart

It is a no brainer-if someone’s heart stops -start it ASAP! You have only minutes. Quickly starting CPR and defibrillation can make a difference.  Automated External Defibrillators-AEDs are in many public places worldwide such as airports, large buildings even subways. From Toronto to San Paolo to Munich these readily available devices have saved subway commuters lives! DocHandal tells you about these easy to use devices in her FREE podcast-so Listen Up!

AEDs have voice and visual prompts, take the time to save a life, grab the close AED when someone becomes unresponsive!

The Foley Catheter

Many medical reasons exist for putting a drainage tube in your bladder- Foley Catheter. DocHandal explains the whys and how of this common procedure done to all age groups. The subtleties and tricks of the insertion are shared in this podcast, Listen UP! for a less traumatic experience.

Complete Blood Count-CBC

This common blood test tells you exactly the make-up of your blood. What is circulating and makes up your blood besides water? The results can give you details of your immune state. The values (results) are the numbers that decide if your blood clots, are anemic and more.  DocHandal explains in more depth than most medical persons the valuable information this test holds for you. So go to DocHandal’s iTunes podcasts and have a listen.