Do You Have Xanthomas?

Look in the mirror at your eyes, do you see yellow deposits under the skin of your eyelids?  Xanthomas are cholesterol deposits resulting from high blood levels or irregularities in your blood vessels. What can they tell doctors about your risk of heart attack or sudden death? DocHandal’s latest podcast describes the significance and importance of this physical finding. so Listen Up! to “Your Eyes Can Tell“.


Doc’s First Aid Guide-print version  with updated November 2010 CPR changes can NOW be purchased through Amazon.  Also the updated English e-version is available through: DocHandal’s e-store, for your Kindle, or through  Smashwords for other e-reader devices . Doc’s Guides will share medical common sense for all.

Alcohol & Women’s Health

Recent studies support moderate alcohol consumption does decreases the risk of stroke and increase’s women’s life span. How much is too much? Is it okay to drink a glass, 6 days a week? Good news, for wine lovers, YES, this amount is okay for a woman who starts by mid age. Get more information from listening to DocHandal’s podcast on the health effects and benefits.

Sick for the Holidays

Or is it ‘Sick From the Holidays’? Why do so many folks end up in the ER over the holidays? Some instances are preventable and within one’s power to control. Have a healthy 2010 holidays this year, Listen Up to DocHandal’s podcast!

Salt-Dangerous for Teenagers!

DocHandal’s latest podcast shares the long term health results of salty diets in the teen years. Less salt means less high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke in adulthood. The numbers, the odds, the culprits and more from Doc Handal. Help your teenagers!

Medical Radiation-Adds Up

Radiation exposures is stored up in our bodies. So who is adding up every dose of radiation you receive from medical testing? No one is! As in so many health issues it falls on YOU. DocHandal believes you need to know the questions to ask, your rights & how much exposure common tests yield. Explained bluntly and honestly you also have the right to learn of the long term ill-effects. Listen Up to DocHandal’s podcast- Medical Radiation Exposure.

July Sale at Smashwords

I’ve mentioned them before as one of my epub resources.  The ebooks on Smashwords can be read online using our online readers, or they can be downloaded to other reading devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader or IRex Iliad, or to other e-reading devices. Smashwords offers generous sampling options so readers can try before they buy.Now that I have you interested-they are having a summer promotion SALE for the entire month of July.  Join for free and download and starting enjoying thousands of books including ‘Indie’ titles you’ll not find elsewhere .