Once you decide to toss them, what is environmentally and socially responsible?

There may be times when you find yourself with some prescribed pills you want to get rid of, so what should you do?

Although you are told to finish all medications when you pick up a prescription thing happen!  At times expiration occurs, allergic reactions or the medication is ineffective or you ‘play’ doctor and feel better so you stop the medication – no comment!

My adice is drop it off at the pharmacy but first check which ones in your area have a ‘take back program’ but first go to  disposemymeds.org  . Check at fire stations, this may be the place to unload them.

Afraid wrong hands will get them and time is of the essence, check at fda.gov to find out which you can flush.

Remember to always remove personal data, by peeling your identifying information to avoid identity theft, if unable scratch out before recycling!

Check if you can donate to church or missions in your area.