Break In Routine IS Healthy

Westport Cloonmonad Co. Mayo Ireland

It was a wonderful vacation, as I imagine anyone who has finally mentally and physically left the COVID safe ‘coup’. However, this is not what my returning blog is about.


Invisible Wave

It’s here again, cause it never left. The COVID-19 ‘numbers’ are up but what are the real numbers? Everyone has viral antigen tests at home and if they feel not so bad and test positive they just go to ‘ground’ till they stop shedding (spreading) viruses by testing negative. At least I hope they do. Truly presently we really do not know how many active cases there are in the US. The most reliable indicator is the number of hospitalizations I think broadcasting test positive numbers needs to stop, it’s a waste, it’s a waste of resources money, and talent as well as an artificial and misleading headline.

Yes, new SARS-CoV-2 sub-variants BA4-BA.5 are guilty, but so is nice weather going outdoors, meetings, and gatherings. Recall this virus can spread even outdoors but to a LESSER EXTENT. It is naive to think one is ‘safe’ from infection if outdoors.

Remember the whole logic of quarantining, especially in China, is because the hospitals can easily become overwhelmed by a sudden massive number of ill people. Please let this concept sink in, it is the only rationale for ‘lock-down’. 

No matter what potential pathogens are endemic, pandemic, or epidemic, those of us with underlying conditions, poor immunity, and hence considered high risk should always be extra careful. This means avoiding exposure to ill individuals, social distancing, hand washing, and wearing a mask.

Yes, I know about monkeypox as the latest health concern, but honestly, gun issues are so much more concerning! If we all were to use basic common sense strategies when it comes to our health, I believe we can be safe from monkeypox.