SARS Co-2 virus is not suddenly gone!!

Lockdown has been if nothing else different. No matter your housemates, children, roomies, or animals stress was inevitable. I am blogging because I feel strongly the economy should not take priority over health. In my humble and well-read opinion it is a bit rushed! The simple idea behind a lock-down, shelter in place, stay home whatever your jargon preference – is to allow the health care system to catch up. Do we have enough tests, testing, tracking, PPE (masks gowns, face, shields)? No definitely NOT! So when you see the term in headlines ‘second wave’ I fear it will be worst. and what about the healthcare providers? They are spent if not already ill (14% worldwide) if that is accurate, but I believe that number is most probably low. Can’t manufacture healthcare providers in a covered factory.

So if you MUST venture out, please consider the following:

How much time/exposure would the outing be

Outdoors is safer

Can you easily stay 6 feet apart

No lingering-it is safer to go to AutoZone to buy an oil filter versus sitting in a restaurant having leisurely breakfast.

Pre-entry thoughts are masks being worn, also are servers 6 feet apart, and are tables allowing for the same distancing.

From French Channel24same?

A recent (May 5,2020) University of MD. poll found that 78 percent said they would not be comfortable eating at a sit-down restaurant, and 67 percent said they wouldn’t be comfortable shopping in a clothing store. Only 18 percent of respondents were in favor of reopening movie theaters. So if you are like me you are not alone!

Hang in there are over 100 vaccines in development at this writing and many innovations being recognized. An intriguing one is using a fabric already approved by FDA for wound care, This polyester like fabric w metal dots of zinc and silver weaved into fabric used for masks that neutralize the SARS-Co2 virus in one minute.