What you eat and also when you eat are important factors in your health.

A researcher scientist (Nour Makarem) at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York studied weekday vs. weekend dietary habits. She found that waist circumference, body fat, blood pressure, and blood sugar were all affected. These are all important heart health risk factors.

Studying women age 20-64, she found for every 10% increase in inconsistency in calories consumed after 5 p.m, blood pressure and blood sugar (measured by HbA1c) were negatively altered.

Earlier research by this scientist had shown that eating more in the evenings negatively affected the heart risk for disease.

The present COVID-19 pandemic could be further contributing to the disruption of eating and sleeping cycles and hence our health. I find heeding the suggestion from these results that especially now we reduce evening intake. Please, as we cocoon to decrease virus spread, follow a routine that ensures time for exercise,