The key to all things 2021 is you, you are the driver, effector, and receiver. A clean slate- write your own version! Please start by giving yourself a break!

Practice self-compassion, take care of yourself first.

Take care of your basic needs:

  • sleep 7-9 hours

  • eat a balanced meal seated put your cutlery down between bites, be aware of chewing,

  • get outdoors at least 3 times a week and walk for 20 minutes, plug into calm meditative tunes

Be Present -you’ve heard that before, my fitness instructor said it so many times till it finally sunk-in. stop dwelling on the past or worrying about what is next. Notice 5 things you see, name 4 things you hear, notice 3 sensations you can feel, inhale, and ID 2 smells, and before you move on note a taste.

Be aware of your breathing, plan, and maintain a daily schedule, putting yourself first.

Promise to sit and handwrite a note, letter, or even attempt a poem. You can!