We knew but not why – till now – why stress, emotional shock, or even overexertion might set sensitive folks up to suffer a MI (heart attack).


– Well known is that stress, exertion and high emotions cause our levels of circulating hormones to increase.

– Normally, biofilms are microbial colonies that stick creating a ‘film’ in blood vessel walls. Multiple bacterial species live in biofilms on walls of every atherosclerotic (plaque–covered) artery.

– Plaques from cholesterol and other fats.

– Importantly they are resistant to antibiotic treatment and our immune system cannot move this bacterial film!

Scientists (Davies and his colleagues published online open–access Journal of the American Society for Microbiology) discovered that increases in circulating hormones effects the bacterial biofilms on arterial walls. This causes them to disperse, with plaque deposits loosening into the bloodstream.

Researchers noted the molecular signaling results in the biofilm scattering, freeing enzymes to digest the scaffolding. Think what happens when the carotid arteries and coronary arteries have bits of plaques fly off – stroke and MI result.