ucm_467573Each year medical societies recognize World Stroke Day to increase awareness of this potentially devastating condition.Print

This blog aims to enlist you in spreading the word after learning the warning signs symptoms and then tell everyone you know!

Please use the free downloadable stroke educational materials from the American Heart Association ( Stroke Resource Center ). If you know someone who is able to spread the word share! The slogan for this critical campaign is “Because I care..

Talk about this – at the ‘water cooler’, at lunch and over drinks – sharing stroke warning signs will help  recognize a stroke and immediately get help.

Prevention and timely recognition is critical for this condition. Use ‘FAST’!!!!Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 11.28.24 AM




Go to this resource website to learn more about other ways you can get involved. Resources include prevention hints for your diet, stroke in children, risk factors, warning signs and lots more.